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  • Malet Pl
  • London, WC1H 0AT
  • United Kingdom

Visualisation of the T cell differentiation programme by
Canonical Correspondence Analysis of transcriptomes, Masahiro
Temporal fate mapping of T cell populations to reveal the
dynamics of development and homeostasis, Thea Hogan (Ben
Seddon's group)
Evolution, emergence and simple biophysical genotype-phenotype
maps, Bhavin Khatri (Richard Goldstein's Group)
Free recombination and incipient speciation in human
cytomegalovirus, Florent Lassalle (Breuer/Balloux group)
Idiosyncratic perturbations of the TCR repertoire in HIV
infection revealed by deep-sequencing, Jamie Heather (Benny
Chain’s group)
Contact: b.khatri@ucl.ac.uk